Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Slam

I gorged myself on reality TV today. Each Sunday repeats of all the television I miss during the week play, and on those lovely, lazy last day of the weekends, I plunk myself down on my cozy couch, pour a glass of wine, cover up with a nice fleece blankie and watch the most hideous, peurile and indulgent crap that is on offer on television...and love it. Not surprisingly, the bulk of it is on MTV, and I wonder if they realize this secret demographic that exists of highly professional, approaching middle age (okay....that doesn't sound good, but I guess it is more the OLD middle age than the new) intelligent and active happy women are in love with the crap they pass as programming.

I mean, it was fabulous! Brody Jenner found romance with a new bro from Boston. Whitney had ethical pains trying to decide between siding with a fashion mogul critical of the emancipation of a model, and the model herself (aside: is that not a bit hypocritical of her? She hires them and works in that industry...????). OOOOOO - and the best was that Rikki and Nikki picked the love of their life, except that it was the same dude. Poor bisextual Nikki...losing out on love by the hands of her also bisexual sister. What is a bisexual to do? I know....go back on reality television with a new concept and another search for love!!! Any guesses as to what the show will be called and how soon it will be on? Yup - A Double Shot at Love has to be the worst show I have yet to see on television. FANtastic.

So...what shows do you catch up on on Sundays? How do you recover from a long week of work and relax to face another?

And if you haven't seen any of the above could you miss them????


  1. *LOL* Must be a family thing because I was catching up on a lot of my PVR'ings of reality TV, too! :)

    I was watching American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, How to Look Good Naked, and the Dog Whisperer. Still have What Not to Wear to go... :) I'm so excited that The Amazing Race (my fave) and Survivor will be back soon to further feed my reality show addiction!!!

  2. Like the Hell's Kitchen and love WNTW, but I can do without the others. PVR, eh? We still don't have, but hubby is supposed to look at getting one asap. Like, yesterday.