Friday, February 6, 2009

Is 8 more than enough?

Okay. I heard about this story the other day, and while I didn't know all the details, I did think even when I first heard the story, that it was at the very least foolhardy. I rational and/or financially feasible (and environmentally responsible, frankly) is it to give birth to 8 children when you already have 6? Fourteen children...I mean, REALLY....

So here is the article that I just read, and now I find out that the woman is living single with her mother with these 14 children and get a bit of the 'lead up' to how it is that she became pregnant with 8 children at once (2 sets of twins)...I have visions of sows and bitches (pigs and doggies) at this point. Harsh, I know, but it is simply not natural and having read the background now, I take issue with the system, with her, with the risks she has taken and will take to raise these children. I mean, the article is rife with her deep-seated issues. Issues that now become these 14 hapless souls' issues.

Irresponsible. Totally.

Do you agree?

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