Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The funniest thing lately has been to catch a view of myself in the reflection of windows or mirrors. It's shocking to me just how big this belly already is at only 26 weeks.  I meet and/or know women who are days away from their due dates who look smaller...it's crazy.

In other amusing news, our couch, which was a Real Canadian Superstore bargain when we bought it over 6 years ago, is sucking me in.  It's not only a circus routine to get out of it, but it's a great source of amusement to my husband, who likes to make grunting/groaning noises even as he assists in hefting me up to my feet.

In case you missed it...here's the belly.
I can't wait for the professional shots I have lined up at the end of September.  Seems crazy that the shoot is still almost two months away and that THAT date is still over a month away from the due date!?!  Nuts.

Another ultrasound, this time a level 2 in depth one, is coming up in two days, followed by another dialogue with the doctor.  With all the activity I have been feeling (I THINK mostly from Baby A, but ya can't always be totally sure with two of them in there), there's excitement to see them again, even if it is mixed in with trepidation... This past couple of weeks feels like a major leap forward in their size, as I felt distinct baby parts moving and kicking out, pushing against my abdomen, and it just feels like space is being eaten up at an alarming rate. 

Also cool?  The kick - mommy touch - kick in response action is amazing, as detailed in my last post. Instinct or no, ya can't help thinking "what a brilliant little baby you are!"....

So yeah.  Recap = Massive belly sure to get even more massive. Cool stuff related to the former. More info to come in a couple days...


  1. Hi Pam and Art:

    Wow, and wow again. Your Dad sent us an email with your blog address....looks like things are moving along at a great pace.

    Congrats to you both and keep up the good work.
    It's nice to see your progress!!

    Love, Lee & Wendy

  2. your belly definitely beats mine, I am now 30 weeks but still carrying long and wide, so not too far out just yet. Belly looks beautiful. All the best with the ultrasound.
    Did you get the mini-cribs? We are leaning towards that option - I'm checking out the Lollipop crib by AP Industries this week.

  3. Hi Lee & Wenday! Great to know you are reading. It's certainly an adventure... My best to you both, and if all goes well, maybe you'll meet the twins in the spring of 2011 under Arizona skies...

    Julie - thanks for the good wishes - there will be many ultrasounds and we just hope each one reveals nice, strong development leading to great possibilities. Yes, we ordered our mini-cribs (Annabelle by Da Vinci) from Lusso Baby in Vancouver for about half the price of the Lollipop crib, but I love the style of your crib - very cool. They have been shipped FedEx ground, so we expect to get them soon. Very excited.

  4. That sure is one darn beautiful belly!

  5. Thanks Julie! Using the 'whale oil' to keep it supple and smooth....yeah, seriously, they DID name it that.