Friday, August 27, 2010

More 3D shots

Oh, I almost forgot to post some recent 3D shots of both baby A and baby B!

So here they are, at 26 weeks.  I am now at 29 weeks and growing.  They are each almost 3lbs each already. 

So here's my question for you. I think they look very different from one another.  Your thoughts?


  1. I agree that they look very different from each other. I understand that twins can go either way - identicals sometimes look very different from each other while fraternals sometimes look almost exactly the same (the Olsens are fraternal twins apparently).

    So excited to see the pics - thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are amazing photos! Our aren't nearly as clear, due to baby girl's position. I do think they look different. It's amazing technology. Thanks for the sharing your journey. I'm now at 34 weeks, so it's possible we might be having our babies at same time (well, just the one for me!). I am planning a natural, home birth - I'm on your side girl, you can do it without the drugs!!!