Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 12 Days of "Christmas" - a new year's retrospective

Given that January was the month that I finally started my blog, I thought it time to review the year that was, and it was...quite a year. To begin, I decided to go random, and just take the first posts from each month. It's quite a 'slice' of my life from the past 12 months. If you feel like it, it might be funny to read them one after the other.

A side note about the title. My husband and I are celebrating our Christmas tomorrow, on New Year's Day. We felt more inclined to celebrate the coming year than to be full of big cheer (and, uh, I took off to Arizona to bask in sunshine, leaving my man behind too....)

January: Varied lives
February: Warm up for Superbowl
March: Summoning Spring
April: 6 weeks today - the heart should already be beating
May: The gears shift
June: My secret food addiction
July: Putting it in reverse
August: Jeez I’m busy and there’s important revelations on television!
September: The Home Stretch – and I mean STRETCH
October: False Economies…and cool professors
November: Hello my old friend
December: Take this to the bank…life isn’t lived through an action plan

Were they my best posts? No, but then, not all days in a year are great days, right?

Next up: A full read-through of my posts - followed by a review of the most notable quotes (if there are any).

Happy New Year everyone - may it be happy, healthy and full of fun and promise!

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