Sunday, January 11, 2009

Varied lives

Do you ever think about what life is truly like for others? We all know our lives intimately, but we rarely, if ever, truly know the lives of others. We know parts of them, and maybe we participate in a great amount of certain individuals' lives, but as a course on 'emotional intelligence' pointed out to me, we generally see and know about 10% of an individual while 90% of that person remains hidden. Something to think about. It certainly helps when you focus on this as you try to sort out differences and work through differing points of view in a confrontation or negotiation. BUT...I find I am relatively incapable thus far and thinking about these things as I argue my own point!

Anyways. What brought on these thoughts? Why...the Golden Globe awards of course! What must life be like for some of these people? And just how many stars can get away with making cocaine references on television during prime time? Just wondering...

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