Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avalanche of information - more on Me 2.Oh

It all depends on the day, I have to say, how I react to the veritable onslaught of information I have signed on to get. To say that it is overwhelming is a vast understatement. I'm learning, to be sure, but it doesn't feel like I am progressing fast enough, but then, I'm impatient and always have been.

So, what have I been learning?

1. My biggest revelation has been that it won't pay to be perfectionistic.

Seriously. You can't expect to be active on social media and know it all, see it all, or say it all. You summarize, you glance, you scan, you filter, you postulate, you guess, you contribute and you help (and yeah, you ASK for help). Yes, you can educate and be educated, but to be relevant, you've gotta be FAST. You don't have 10 days to think about what you are going to say - just offer up what you have on hand, and know that your opinion counts as much as a fully researched report does.

2. You may be a diverse person, but if you are going to remain sane, you need to specialize and not generalize.

Still working this one out. When you are someone with multiple interests, you not only feel inclined to try pursue all these interests, but if engaged in social media, would naturally like to talk about all these interests. Problem is, every day is a compromise where you are only able to do so much in a day, and so you choose at each moment of free time to do the BEST thing first. (Well, kinda. I'm constantly resentful of all the obligations, chores and other tasks that keep me from my interests and fun pursuits. That's why I really identified with this post earlier today from @RedheadWriting . Very funny.) This reality is mirrored in your social media pursuits. Don't bite off too much. Be effective in a couple communities of choice. Say relevant things. Share, digest, contribute, educate and get educated. If you say too much about too many things, you say very little about any one thing, ya know?

What are you most passionate about? Do that. Ask Gary Vee what I mean.

3. Social media presence, influence and success takes TIME.

Remember the patience I spoke of? Yeah. I don't have all that much. I want to see results, succeed (more on why focusing on this is not a smart application of your time and energy) and feel like I have accomplished something impressive. But I now know that this is a slow-burnin process. You don't birth your brand in the 21 days it take a mouse to reproduce, but more along the lines of the time it takes for a baby elephant(that knowledge is thanks to a baby shower game yesterday BTW)... see above speech from Gary Vaynerchuk for more on that, too.

4. Just be you. Observe the etiquette to say thanks, give credit, admit ignorance, ask questions, be helpful when you can, and pick interesting stuff to say. I try not to tweet about the fact that I am going to bed, and I try not to look up and put quotes out there. I try to add something new, or share something valuable. Or, if I am able, say something funny - whatever. Authenticity is key. Your influence and community will grow organically.

So..yeah. A lot more that could be said, and will, but I'm learning about myself as well as about the platforms and tools in the social media world. And some days, it's simply overwhelming, if you don't step back, figure out how to filter (another full post on another day), and take it one blip at a time.

By the way...I love my radio station. Are you on there? Join me and show me some great music. Would love to hear it.

What have you learned? What has been your biggest revelation? Would love to know...

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