Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's behind door number three? Part 3 of the 10 Under $10 reviews

Okay. Before I go any further than this, and in the interest of transparency (and just in case you haven't guessed, laughing at my musings on what I am tasting and fully disagreeing with me), I am NOT a wine expert. I am a wine 'souse' to use I term my Mamma would use. I LOVE it. I have a 'bit' of a nose for it, but no formal training. And...I simply know what I like, people!

Without further ado...The Castillo de Monseran Garnacha from Spain! Only $8.95 folks! And Spanish - some of my favourite wines are coming from Spain these days.

Big. Long. Pour. Tonight. Work was a drag today and it won't be better tomorrow.

Okay. When I first stuck my cute little delicate nose into this glass tonight (it's kinda crooked, actually, and not really all that cute, but...you don't know that, so...) the first thing I got was, I thought, raspberry, but then I swirled it and wow strawberry! I purposefully didn't look at the notes on the article again, and guess what? I was right! Yay me!

Then, the taste. BOY is this fruity! Almost sweet. A very different, unique tasting Garnacha, which I am more accustomed to being more gritty, with more aggressive tannins. This is a cooooool tasting wine, man! I can see this thing actually going with a myriad of dishes - I bet you could even have this with a wilted spinach, goat cheese, strawberry and toasted walnut salad or something. Very interesting. Certainly a nice, light, sipper, but don't expect and long, lingering finish. It dies out quick on the tongue. But then...I want more almost right away, so...(maybe my work day is affecting my appetite for it?)

Very different for me, but yummy. I'll buy this again for sure!

So....I have other stuff to do tonight, but wanted to the the next 'instalment' out there. Last one, the La Casona, remains. I've been told by my closest wino pal that it's a great wine value, and so that is high praise indeed!


  1. I think this is the wine they serve at our local restaurant! It IS really good (especially for the price).

  2. Hey Julie - It truly is a cool wine. Very unique. And unlike the second bottle, this wine, although really mellow by today, was still tasting great after day three of being open. It is so great to have some new faves with such an inexpensive price tag!

    What restaurant? Is it good?