Sunday, January 31, 2010

I bought a web domain (my little piece of the Internet) what?


I know I often ask questions, and really, there's not enough traffic on here yet to get all that much of a conversation happening.  But I'm REALLY green about this whole blogging thing.I find myself in an odd limbo, as I want to split this blog into two and get going on the "Me2pointoh" blog, but given that the new blog is going to be about my exploration INTO the world of better blogging, social media conversations, policy, management, analyitics and beyond, my problem is that I kinda want to set the blog up BEFORE I learn a whole lot about the blogging process and best practices. 


I am appealing to y'all.  What do I do? Or, more specifically, I want to start off by using Wordpress, but when I go there to 'register' and/or set up my domain (, the option I get is only to set up the addy with the extension.  Not what I wanted, since I paid to avoid this.  Anyone know what I need to do to get started?  Am I missing a very easy step or tab or button to the info?  Rudimentary searches to ask this question have turned up nothing, but I will keep searching.

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  1. Pamela -

    In addition to a domain name, you need to have HOSTING as well.

    Hosting will get you space on a server, on which you can install the Wordpress software (available free at wordpress.ORG (not

    Many hosting providers have "one click installs" of the Wordpress software available.

  2. Maybe this will help:

  3. There are two ways to run Wordpress.

    One is to set up an account on In this case, they install Wordpress and provide you with a pre-built environment. It has some restrictions on what you can customize but is completely "turnkey" and you don't have to deal with installing Wordpress yourself. I'm not sure if they allow custom domain names or not - they didn't used to, but that may have changed.

    If you want your own domain name and complete customization flexibility, then you'll need to set up a web hosting account somewhere. I've been using and been pretty happy but your mileage may vary. There are a variety of low cost hosting providers out there. You should be able to find something at US $10 or less per month that would handle a basic low traffic blog with no problems.

    Setting up on a hosting provider can be either easy or tricky, depending on who you pick and how much computer experience you have. Most (but you shouldn't assume - make sure to check before you sign up) provide a one or few-click Wordpress installer that will get a basic Wordpress installation up and running with very little effort. Most hosting providers will have a page that explains Wordpress setup on their system, since it's so popular.

    You'll also have to get whoever manages your domain name to point it to the blog hosting location in order for the domain name to actually point at your blog when someone types it in to their browser.

    From there on, running a Wordpress blog is pretty similar in both settings, as most of the work happens inside of the Wordpress application.

    I hope this helps to get you started.

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  4. Oops I mis-spoke. *does* allow custom domains with a small yearly fee. Here is a page that explains how to set up a custom domain on a hosted blog:

    There are some configuration restrictions on blogs hosted at Whether these matter in the slightest depends on what you're planning to do with your site.

    Hope this helps,


  5. Great insights from all. it not only helps me, but hopefully might help others looking for this type of information. So many options and so much out there to learn. Yikes!

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  7. If you're stuck on WordPress, pay the yearly fee and attach your custom domain.

    If you want to go fee-free, Google's doesn't charge a fee for attaching your custom domain. and are an example of the latter.

    GoDaddy has help pages so you can do this yourself: (Blogger) and (WordPress). Or, they may be able to do it for you if you call them. Use their not-very-advertised tool-free number: 1-866-GO-DADDY (463-2339).

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