Saturday, January 23, 2010

In which idea girl cries over technical lack of know-how

So I said I would chronicle my challenges in the Me 2.oh realm, right?  Well, today has been a day.  I'm friggin in TEARS just trying to do the simplest of things -  nothing I try to do is working out today, and I am one of those people who gets incredibly stressed and upset when every move is delayed by ignorance of what to do in the face of hiccups.

Take my efforts just to add an offline reader and bookmarking app to my bloody iTouch.  I'm trying to load and try out the Diigo app, which says that it will allow me to read articles offline but still bookmark them so that I can find them again in the future and tag them as valuable for certain subjects.

It's not working out. 

(as an aside, I am finding my iTouch a bit of a tease, as it is an incredibly useful mobile personal device, but mostly only when you are somewhere with Wireless internet access.  This GENERALLY means that I have to be at home to truly use it, and I can use my laptop instead, so ...  it's just kinda half cool, really.  I want to access, bookmark, read, load, communicate and engage while on the bus and wherever I am throughout the day, you know?  And honestly, social media gets really overwhelming quickly if you go for several hours without monitoring and listening.  When you finally get back online, there is TOO MUCH INFO.  So yeah..that's my whoeisme bullshit whine for today. Boo hoo I have an iTouch instead of a full iPhone.  If that's my biggest issue, then life is bloody good....)

So yes, anyway, what's wrong with the Diigo thing is that I have to go online through Safari to add my bookmarking tool, and as I am following the instructions, I get to a point where I add the "Save to Diigo" part, but then it gives me instructions to access the bookmark, then edit the URL that shows up to remove some of the characters.  The thing is...I can't EDIT it.  The cursor is dead over that spot.  And I keep trying to figure out here and there what I might be doing wrong, but every time I go through the process, it adds more and more "Save to Diigo" bookmark screens, but NOTHING CHANGES folks!  I am utterly frustrated!  These things just drive me nuts.  totally bonkers. Full out tantrum, people!  I toss aside the iTouch, scream, tears fill my eyes, and then I say I will come back to it again and figure it out next time.  But I've done this three times now, and I just can't STAND it.

So yeah. 

Fun times.

What to do, people?  Who has the solution for me? Maybe there's another iTouch app that I can try instead?  ARGGGH.

time for a glass of wine and, I think, time to put the bloody tech tools down for a while.  Sigh.


  1. instapaper. That's what you need. Comes with a handy bookmarklet. Easy to use.

  2. Okay, but here's the thing - I have instapaper, but only the free one, and as I have mentioned, only an iTouch, so what's frustrating is that if I am not online, I can't bookmark the stored articles until later...unless the instapaper pro has that funtionality? Or am I missing something?

    What I am looking for is the ability to bookmark articles offline. Gosh, apps are great, but we always want more don't we???