Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Under $10 travels to Italy

Trip to a new LCBO today (I went right, husband went left to the Beer Store to prepare for a night of drunken guy stuff with his volleyball team) landing me three of the remaining 4 bottles to try that a recent e-newsletter claimed were the best LCBO values under $10.

Number two on the list was the Casal Thaulero Merlot/Cab Sauv blend, listed as only $6.95, but I guess the word is already out that this is a good wine, 'cause it was actually $7.45! EGAD, but that is soooooo pricey! I had to dig deep deeeeep into my little change purse for that. (Does anybody actually have a change purse anymore? I, as always, used plastic and claimed my Air Miles, thank you very much!)

So, on the nose, you won't get old world Italian. This is a bold wine, which is generally my preference. I'm certainly not an experienced wino, but I DO get the cedar - I feel like it's a kinda wet wood/cedar, actually. Yeah, a little black licorice, but not so sweet as that. Blackberries, but not fresh - blackberry jam, I'd say. The vanilla is there, but not prominent. It's not a bouquet that makes me salivate, like some are (like the Lucky Country Shiraz, by one of our favourite winemakers, Two Hands, for instance. SO GOOD.)

Finally, time to sip...Okay. This one has more fruit - it's more forward than the Portuguese from last night. That said, the balance is still not bad. It's got a tannic kick to it, and the finish lingers a little bit. Not as much as the Pedras Do Monte from earlier this week.

Is it good? Yah, it's pretty good. Is it great?'s $7.45, so's a bloody good deal people. What do you want for $7? Jeez!

I think...(another sip) may need just a little more depth, like a third, earthier varietal of grape to give it just a bit more oooomph!'ll be a nice wine to sip for the rest of this evening and into tomorrow.

I have to ask, though...what else is out there? Who thinks that THEY know the best value wine in the LCBO? Is it on this list? And if you've had these wines, what do YOU think of them? Would love to know.

Happy weekend, everyone. Hope it's a good one!

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