Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Problems, information, potential solutions and pills - it's a good day today!

You may not think that ripping open a letter only to see a prescription fall out of it could possibly be a good thing, but today, it is. For all those women (and there are many) out there who have suffered a miscarriage, or like I have, multiple miscarriages, it is VERY hard to keep going without answers. And, in a lot of situations, modern medicine still doesn't have good answers.

Before today's little surprise package, we really were going off the words of our fertility specialist, who felt that we might not get an answer and that to try again, we were going to have to have faith that it was just bad luck, based on our miscarriage history and the information he had at hand. I hated that answer, people. Really hated it. But he also said that that meant I had a 65% chance, this fourth time around, of having a healthy full term baby, and what person wouldn't buy a lotto ticket with THOSE odds, right?

But as a way of cutting out the few little possible explanations, we took blood tests that looked for something specific. Guess what? I have a bacteria!

For all those women that are looking for answers, here's information that you could get simply by requisitioning a blood test! If I recall correctly, it (Mycoplasma of the "ureaplasma urealyticum" variety), is relatively common, but for a couple trying to conceive, it can be a real issue, contributing to infertility and miscarriage. We obviously don't have fertility issues, but guess what? We fall into category 2 nicely.

I am so frickin' exCITed, I can't tell you. Imagine if this is the only issue? Imagine going into attempt #4 with a bit more reassurance that I won't have to go through this again? IMAGINE a squirming, chortling, burping, pooping but otherwise healthy baby.

It is SUCH a good day.


  1. Well the the facebook message makes it sound like a men's ED commercial with it's prescriptions in the mail. this is much better! Well unless there are ED issues to. It is so great to hear some good news from you!

  2. So are the pills an antibiotic? Funny ... I actually have heard of this happening to some women (spent some time on the ol' infertility wagon myself). Feeling VERY hopeful!

  3. I'll likely get more info when we meet with the specialist, so will add whatever non-medical-professional-info I can, but yes, I think that is all it is...just some antibiotics. Simple. A bit frustrating to have to go through 3 miscarriages before they discover this issue, but yeah...simple. But to be sure, things that happen in life contribute to one's unique perspective moving forward. And when this happens (it will), I certainly won't take any of the moments for granted!!!