Sunday, January 31, 2010

Want an amazing Chardonnay? Look in our back yards...

okay.  it's not the cheaptest wine you will ever have, but if you want a seriously lovely, buttery, toasty, nutty, balanced, fresh citrus peel, yummy yummy yummy chardonnay, you only have to go 2.5 hours from Ottawa and about 1.5 hours from Toronto to hit Prince Edward County and Huff Estates.  I can't say enough about how goooood this wine, the 2007 South Bay vintage, is.  It's LOVELY.

While you are on the site, take a quick look around.  They really get what they are supposed to be about down there.  My husband and I went and stayed there for their wine futures weekend, on a special package deal that included discounts on advance order wines and a tour and some barrel tastings with their very suave winemaker, Frederic Picard. Combine that with a great dinner deal that came with the package, home-cooked hot breakfast included, etc. etc., it was a really lovely, romantic weekend getaway.  Highly recommend.

Wine pairings:  This would go great with buttery lobster and any number of other meals, but our pairing tonight was with a blackened cajun chicken on a bed of white wine and cream linguini with peppers, garlic and onion.  Damn fine meal.

Here's to a great weekend - hope you all had some good times, great food and some time to relax.

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