Sunday, January 10, 2010

The week ahead, or, Adventures of a chronic and capable multitasker

Okay. Hmmmmm. Not nearly as productive a weekend as it promised to be, but then, on Saturday mornings of a weekend without structured plans, I'm always resplendant with grandiose ideas of the myriad of excellent adventures and to do list items I intend to tackle and have stricken forever from the record of jobs impending.

All for naught.

Oh well. I'm trying to learn how to take a little mental breather from the guilt, the spiritual weight these obligations and manufactured lists bring to me in times of trying to relax. It's only somewhat working when...the work week looms.

We all know this conveyor belt, don't we? Taking stock on Sunday nights of what's in store for us in the week ahead; itemizing after-work activities, sports and obligations as well as optional (but you ABSOLUTELY WILL GET TO THEM THIS WEEK COME HELL OR HIGH WATER) workouts; thinking about the other (equally optional?) jobs and/or tasks we've taken on due to a passion for the hobby, subject, or project, or just a desire to feel like we are doing something meaningful with our time here on earth. Recalling the committees and other sundry input you've offered up, and finally contemplating squeezing in chores, meals, grooming (ha. I'm SO not preening in my life these days), etc. And a little time with loved ones too.

Phew, I'm tired, aren't you?

But as the chronic and capable multitasker would we go again!

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