Saturday, January 24, 2009


So yeah...the guys are now camping and a life coach has been brought in to dig down into their consciousness and get to know their sensitive side. There's love in the group, apparently.

By the way, as background, I love the worst of the worst reality tv shows. They rock. So bad, they're good. MTV has become a regular channel on at our house, with suck (sic) gems as The City, Bromance, and of course, A Double Shot at Love with, as mentioned in a previous post, bisexual (not buying that) twins looking for luuuurve....

Ah... the boys have issues with their Mommies. Really. Scintillating stuff, my friends....truly.

So. Euchre tournament at our favourite local pub tonight - looking forward to it. The Blackburn Arms - where everyone knows your name. Let's hope I win some money (to cover the alcohol and food bill)!

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