Monday, January 26, 2009

New week, new digs have a work environment that is set up in a way that makes one comfortable - it makes a HUGE difference. I moved from the 'default' cubicle, which no one wants on the main drag hallway near the bathrooms. It was isolating (believe it or not) and cramped, and set up backwards to how I would have liked to set it up, without the option of really changing it due to a big post on the inside right corner.

My new digs? I moved over to where the action happens, and where the cool girls laugh at the cool girl jokes, and where there are plants, and some filtered natural light, and just FABULOUS stuff happens, you know? So yeah...I'm gonna kick it in that cubicle, man! Just wait for it....

I also got back on the healthy living bangwagon today, and had a great workout at the pool and excellent eating (thus far) throughout the day. THAT feels good.

So...just all around good, you know? Mondays don't have to be ALL bad...

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