Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wine and sunshine (or dreams thereof)

Well, the wine is going nicely down the hatch (a lovely Lucky Country Shiraz), but the sunshine and heat is still a few weeks away. But I cannot wait for the Arizona desert to heat my tender pale winterworn skin. I have to say that I really do enjoy the fact that my parents are living large (and happy) in Mesa, AZ just outside Phoenix. They are happy, and we are happy to join them once in a while! So we have a week plus two weekends booked to fly down, then enjoy the 4 pools, 10 tennis courts and 27 hole golf course right within their "trailor park" (I always have to qualify this term, as these complexes are far from what you'd imagine in, say, the Ozark mountains of Arkansas, for instance...) for the duration. A lovely little reprieve in the middle of February - yippee!

So as I sit here, sipping wine, the house smells like a wonderful hungarian goulash recipe that my husband has been making in the kitchen for the past hour, and he himself is busy doing dishes and cleaning up after himself. I am a lucky lucky woman.

I am IN lucky country.

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