Monday, January 12, 2009

Swooning with embarassment

Confessions of a all started, I guess Disney books, but quickly graduated to The Bobbsey Twins and the Three Investigator series (did anyone read these? They were MUCH better than Nancy Drew and the B Twins), but then the rails fell off. I fell in love with romance novels. First it was the teen novels (I confess to keeping one or two of my personal faves, which I will still read every few years and laugh at how much I dreamt of the guys and the situations in them), and then it was the trashiest of the trash - all at the ages of 14-17 or so. Hell....I still love a good romance, but it is usually couched in the more 'acceptable' genre of Chick Lit. I love it. I also love bad romance reality shows like The Bachelor, which is what inspired this flip backwards through the pages. Such crap (and given that I worked in the film and television industry for about 5 or so years, I am WELL aware of the staging and often picture the crews and sound boom guys and equipment all around these people...mmmmmmm...romantic!) but y'know, after a long day at work, and a tough, tough workout, relaxing on the couch to mindless drivel is a great pastime, I think. What about you? What is your embarassing obsession? What mindless drivel do you most love watching on television to relax?

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