Thursday, January 29, 2009

This deserves a trip to Timmy`s!

Can I just raise a massive `Cowboy Cheerleader`-level cheer for the fact that although I love them, I won`t have to be faced with a good morning kiss at 5:30 am from my husband as I scrape myself out of bed to inch along a highway in the dark and make my way into work, after paying for parking (over and over and over again) due to the crazed demands of already well-paid bus drivers?

Yeeeeehaaaaw, is all I have to say!

This calls for a celebration. I think we'll get up EVEN EARLIER to go to Tim Horton's tomorrow morning and get a little celebratory morning coffee for ourselves and for the carload of carpoolers who have met us at the park n' ride over the past 50 days.

What a celebration!

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