Sunday, January 25, 2009

Help - I'm being held hostage by jalapeno poppers!

Oh, man....another debauch weekend of over-indulging in foods that are brutally unhealthy. A bag of Oreos (hubby helped polish this off, so at least there is that....), 10 jalapeno poppers in one sitting, a combo appetizer platter at the pub last night....I could continue....

Then....I skipped my workout again today.

So. Getting back to the healthy grind is proving much more difficult than I really expected. I feel a strong resistance coming from somewhere deep in my subconscious, somewhere I don't understand, and logical self-encouragement isn't penetrating there. Not sure what will shift and when to make things change, but I am going to try, once again, tomorrow to launch "project Pam" once more and see if it takes. Let's hope it works this time. At the very least, I will get to the pool for another workout....

But for now, I will relax and enjoy this lazy Sunday.

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