Monday, January 12, 2009

A long and healthy life

I gotta do it, right? To look hot, tighten up and keep healthy, I have to drag my ass to the gym. I know it. I do.... but do I have to?????

Why is it so damn hard for our minds to conjure up the good feelings you have AFTER workouts to motivate you before you go? Why can't we do this? Why? There must be a scientific explanation for all the selective memory.

All I know is that the program I subscribe to is NASTY hard, so sometimes you just don't have that go git 'em kinda feeling, you know? Especially on a damn Monday.

But I will know I will.

I want to win the bet I have with my friend Kerry AND I love the idea of living longer and feeling healthy throughout my life. I guess it's worth it...sigh.


  1. I love any blog that has a label called "Beating Kerry"!! *wink*

  2. Yeah....I don't know if that's gonna happen...THIS time around. I'll tell you why soon!