Monday, January 26, 2009

And we wonder why guys sometimes refer to women as psycho bitches?

So...another fun night of watching the world's worst reality show (or one of the bottom dwellers - there are worse, I guess)...the Bachelor! Our little dental hygenist is a little "restraining orderish" ain't she? The group date ladies are a little snotty from crying so much and our Jason seems bewildered. Could it be because they were all on the set of General Hospital as our Bachelor swapped spit with the ladies multiple times over and with multiple partners?

Yeah...true love will prevail - I am sure of it!

I feel so NORMAL when I watch these shows!

Oooooo....Here's a quotation for you..."You've met a man, you've married him and had his kid, and then he died. It's my turn!"....LOVE. IT.

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